You might be wondering what happened to Mario Kart Zero project.

It’s good. We released pre-RC1 which is buggy as hell, but has some staff ghosts and even more custom tracks, so after break, go visit CW-Games and look for it. It’s hidden.


Oh noes!

Oh noooooo. Since my computer restarted, I lost .NET Framework 4! And now I can’t get it back! This means I cannot texture hack until I get it back :/




PS: If I ever get back I will make a surprise…

Rainbow Road HD!

It’s me, Szymmy, back. Today I have got brand new HD texture hack, Rainbow Road HD. Since I’m still on Mobile internet, I’ll give you screenshot pack by AAAASIA Yami, you can download them here:
I think it’s the best texture hack ever (But Yami’s screenies fail at colours), so you can download it here:!112&parid=FFA8EBD8E8C37E3!111&authkey=!AK_-77ibV_XEmXo
(Ah, thanks Suppah for joining)

Luigi’s Mansion 2.

Hello folks. It’s-a-me! Super! Tah good texture hacka. Today I will be showing you about my most recent texture hack, Luigi’s Mansion 2!


What is it?


It is a texture hack of GCN Mario Circuit. It has textures from┬áLuigi’s Mansion. Currently there’s a few until I can think of more.

Due to Gericom’s Texture importer not working for me (FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU) Sadly I cannot release some pics D:

Stay tuned for more texture hack information!


Welcome to my blog, newbz!

Imma szymbar15, user of DSHack, journalist on and my newest project is Mario Kart Zero! It’s MKDS Rom hack with
– music hacks
– texture hacks
– track hacks

and other cheap “things”.
BTW, you knew that pre-r2 was already relased? I’ll upload everything here when I go out of mobile internet…!106&parid=FFA8EBD8E8C37E3!105
TADAAAAH! (Enjoy!)